This was a concept design done for the 2.0 release of SavvyMoney Credit Score. It was a high fidelity concept design that I did in 2014 using SketchThe design was based on 6 months worth of data from web traffic, user feedback, customer feedback and partner feedback. We also were adding additional features, like a paid credit report. Because the v1 version had not been responsive, the v2 version was responsive and would allow for future user and partner growth through the mobile channel.

The basis for the resdesign was to focus on simplifying the user experience for the user and having SavvyMoney focus on educating consumers about their credit score. SavvyMoney partners with Jean Chatzky, a consumer finance guru on the Today show, and gets lots of great consumer finance content. However, they didn't do a good job of integrating the consumer finance content with the transaction application. The other problem was the content was unfocused. My recommendation was to refocus the content on credit score and personal finance education, and educating the consumer about how to manage their credit score and personal finances, rather than having the content be all over the place. The goal was to have the content very focused on these two specific topics.
Credit Score Dashboard
On the credit score dashboard the user could view their overall credit score, view why their credit score updated, and view their overall credit score report card. Users could learn how to improve their credit score. Users could view upsell promotions and credit card and loan promotions that they qualified for.
Total Balances
On the total balances screen, the user could view their total balances by type of debt. They could see how they compared overall to their demographic, and then receive advice on how to reduce their balances on their total debt.
Recent Credit
On the recent credit screen the user could view recent credit applications, see how they compared to their overall demographic, get an explanation of the grade they received and how to improve their recent credit grade.

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