A^3 by Airbus is a disruptive innovation lab and arm of Airbus, a French airplane manufacturer. A^3 by Airbus seeks to disrupt it's technology and culture within Airbus and also incubates innovative startups to provide potential new lines of business for Airbus. 

At Airbus, I was a lead UX/UI designer for the Continuity project, the next generation engineering and manufacturing software for Airbus. Continuity was looking to bring down lead time for review and finalization of engineering and manufacturing specifications from 24 months down to 6 to 12 month. The software integrated many different software and workflows already in use at Airbus and brought them into a single interface.
High Level projects at Airbus that are high profile tend to have their own brand and identity.  For Contuity I created a logo, a branding system and a powerpoint template for use by the Continuity team. 
Visual Designer
Sketch, Illustrator
Branding Guidelines
I created Brand Guidelines using Frontify. a style guide software. Download the A^3 by Airbus Continuity Brand Guidelines.​​​​​​​

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