I am a user experience designer and visual designer who lives in Oakland, California. 
I have over 20 years experience of user experience design and visual design, working in the technology industry since 1997. I have been lucky to work at such companies as CapGemini, Airbus, PG&E, SavvyMoney, Excite@Home, and Adobe, among other companies. I have expertise in user experience design, user testing & research, visual design, and product management. I have a strong interest in accessibility and universal design, having worked with a team to redesign PG&E's website to make it accessible to users with disabilities.
The greatest challenges have been to continue to evolve my skill-set and design philosophy across new platforms, and understand the shifting marketplace of consumers. I know I am lucky to have found a profession that I thoroughly enjoy, that feeds my creative outlet, and challenges me every day.
In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my daughter, painting, photography, biking, travelling and reading. 
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