The Blockchain module for the Continuity project allowed Airbus manager, project managers, engineers and designers to search and view contracts, and search and view parts. Blockchain technology was utilized to sink data between all parties involved in the contract, or part. The Workstream lead chose blockchain technology because it was peer-to-peer and made sure all parties involved in a contract had access to the contract or engineering specification; and it was a way of tracking to make sure all parties had access to the information, nobody could say that they didn't have access or didn't receive a file.
I created a prototype to convey ux flow and designs to the full stack engineers and workstream leads.
The contracts module was a place where the user could view the available contracts in the blockchain. The user could select a contract and then view the detailed information about a contract and view what tasks they needed to perform related to the contract.
The user could view the available parts covered by the contract and view the latest information on the part.
Desktop - Part

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