Cisco Jabber for Android is a native Android client VOIP and collaboration application that is part of the Cisco Jabber family. It allowed a person to sync their mobile phone with their Cisco work handset phone number, and be able to make calls from their mobile number using their work landline phone number. Cisco Jabber for Android had limited functionality compared to the iOS client, the primary purposes were making/accepting calls, searching the employee directory for employees/phone numbers/email addresses, setting up VPN sessions so the phone calls were secure, and voicemail, wherein the user could call in to voicemail to get their messages.
I was the Lead User Experience Designer for Cisco Jabber. I worked directly with the engineering leads, product manager, user research lead, QA lead, and beta account manager. 
For the Ironhide release, a visual voicemail feature was added and we reworked the interface to conform to both Cisco interaction and visual design standards, and added the visual voicemail feature. 
Primary tools used for this project were Illustrator, Omnigraffle, Indesign and Photoshop. All Specs were done in Indesign.
Initial Product
The initial layout of the product looked like this:
Everything was accessed from a central dashboard - Calling voicemail, dial options, directory, dialer, etc.
Redesign Concept
The redesign concept called for getting rid of the homescreen with the main menu and go towards a tabbed navigation, similar to the Ice Cream Sandwich design pattern. Ice Cream Sandwich had just been announced, and while most of our users were on Gingerbread or before, we felt the ICS offers the best user experience, in addition most of our users would be adopting the latest Android technology. The spec was over 30 pages long; I've included a view excepts of key screens.
Wireframes and Flows
As the lead UX designer, I was embedded within the Cisco Jabber for Android engineering team and worked directly with the engineering lead and product manager to define the product requirements. The main audience for the wireframes were the developers working on the product.
Visual Design
I worked with a contract visual designer who followed Cisco Visual Style Guidelines. The final visual design looked like:

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