Boom Financial is a startup that helps immigrants open bank accounts, save money, send money and help their community. At Boom Financial I was the Principal User Experience Designer where I designed user experience for  their Android application and their web application. In this role I functioned both as a user experience designer and a product manager, brainstorming with executive stakeholders, defining the application requirements and designing the application user experience.
My Role
I was the Lead UX designer for the Boom Financial Android App. I worked directly with the CEO, VP of Product, the development team, the marketing team and an outside visual design firm to design the application. I was responsible for concept brainstorming, leading workshops, conducting user research, and creating product wireframes and prototype. 
Boom's audience was underbanked and unbanked immigrants. When the project initially started, we focused on Mexican immigrants, because that was our entry market, as Mexican immigrants send over $8 billion dollars a year back to Mexico from the United States. However, after receiving a round of funding from Digicel, a Caribbean cellular carrier, the focus shifted to underbanked and unbanked Haitian immigrants and the initial launch was taking place in Haiti.
From a user research perspective, I was able to easily find a Mexican immigrant user base in Northern California to interview and utilize for usability testing. By switching to a Haitian user audience at the last moment, I had to rely on others to collect feedback from a Haitian user audience in Haiti and Florida. There is no Haitian population in California. As a designer I had to make design decisions based on design patterns for Android and the Web, and base the UX on existing research we had done with Mexican immigrants.
Tools Used:
Omnigraffle, Illustrator.
The Problem
Design a mobile payments application for underbanked and unbanked immigrants.

Below is a slice detailing the payment process.
Download the wireframes.

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