SecureConnect is a feature for Cisco Jabber that allows a user to set up a VPN connection so when a phone call is made through Cisco Jabber, it is secure and made over a VPN connection.
This feature was very technical in the setup. If I recollect, it called for two VPN connections to be set up so the connection was secure as possible; it was also configurable based on the features selected by the Cisco customer when buying their VOIP system. I tried to make the flow as user friendly as possible, but this was very technical jargon; the engineers even had a hard time understanding the feature and had to go back to the engineering team that developed it several times to understand it better.
I was the UX lead, was embedded within the Cisco Jabber for Android engineering team, and did all of the ux - brainstorming, concepting, working with the product manager, engineering lead, and developers implementing the feature. I used Omnigraffle and Indesign for the wireframes and specification.
I've just included a couple of wireframes.  The main challenge was 1) understanding the technical aspects of the VPN feature and then designing for a user experience that was simple and easy. The chief problem was that it was still very technical and complicated; you had to design for every scenario because you didn't know what type of security configuration the client was going to buy. At the extreme, the Department of Defense or NSA might want that double configured vpn connection.​​​​​​​
Brainstorming & Ideation

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