The Problem
SavvyMoney needed a redesign of their existing product, SavvyMoney Pro, a personal finance management tool that helps people manage their finances and pay down debt. The redesign consisted of 1) simplifying the user experience to make it easier for user to use; 2) create a v1 version of the product that would developed upon a Bootstrap CSS framework that would be extensible to a responsive design for v1.1.  and 3) create a visually stimulating visual design utiliizing a Flat UI design and photographic background images that would reflect modern design trends and compete with competitor products.
The Process
In this project I served multiple roles: product manager defining requirements; user experience lead leading the UX and usabilty; and visual designer, doing all of the visual design for the application. I lead brainstorming sessions with the CEO and VP of Product and defined the requirements; design concepts, and led discussions around the concepts. To quickly iterate and get feedback from stakeholders and developers, I used rapid prototyping and created an interactive Invision prototype ( to gather feedback and generate documentation from the comments via PDF export, rather than creating wireframes in Omnigraffle and a UX specification, and then visual design mockups.
The Design Solution
My Plan
My Plan is where users would go to view the progress on their debt plan to pay off their debts.
Users would have a primary target account. They could view their progress on their target account and see how much they had paid off and how much was left to pay.
Users could play view their payoff plan and dynamically change their monthly commitment or record a one time payment to pay off an account. The user could view what would be the better plan - the current plan or the old plan.
In Manage Your Debt Plan, users could choose between different payment scenarios to choose the best plan to pay off their debt based on the type of payment plan, the monthly commitment amount and the debt free date.
A user could click on 'Show Single Plan and view just a single plan rather than 3 choices.
Once a user chose their debt plan, they could view the confirmation with the type of plan, monthly commitment and debt free date.
Screens from Prior Design

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